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Eswatini’s leader in coal production/ Excellence driven by values

Maloma Colliery is Eswatini’s leader in coal production. Operating in the Shiselweni and Lubombo regions of the kingdom of Eswatini, we are more than just coal. We are deeply rooted in our community and support local industry through our products. We mine and beneficiate anthracite coal, which is primarily used in the steel and metallurgical industries.

As a prominent mining and exploration company, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and follow only ethical and sustainable mining practices that align with the excellence and innovation we strive for.


Maloma Colliery Limited (MCL) is a coal mine operation located in the Shiselweni and Lubombo regions of the Kingdom of Eswatini. Maloma Colliery Limited was incorporated in Eswatini as a mining company to engage in the business of mining anthracite coal.

Maloma Colliery started operating around 1989, when they started prospecting after having received the Prospecting License. Maloma was issued a mining lease by the Ngwenyama on the 24th of June 1992. Installation of the necessary coal mining equipment commenced in about October 1992 and actual mining commenced in about July 1993.

The company’s operations are governed by the concessions in The Mines and Minerals Act, 2011. In 2016, the company was granted a mining license to operate with effect from 24th June 2013. The Licence is for 15 Years expiring in June 2028.


Maloma coal deposit lies in a linear north to south trending Karoo Monocline that dips variably to the east. The Maloma Coal Basin is one of a number of coal deposits that occur within the upper Beaufort Group of the Karoo Supergroup in Southern Africa. The distinct stratigraphic position is below the volcanic sourced Stormberg and Drakensburg Groups that led to extensive invasion by dykes and sills resulting in high grade anthracite coals.

There are other coal occurrences in the Ecca Group along the same belt, distal to the volcanic group which include the St Phillips, Lubhuku, Mpaka and Mhlume deposits in Eswatini, that typically are mixed bituminous and semi-anthracite coals.

As the initial activity for value creation in the business, the exploration team is engaged in brownfield programmes with a positive outlook on life of mine extension, and operational expansionary potential in supply capacity to our clients in greenfield programmes.

Maloma Products Statement

Maloma produces High Grade Anthracite with low volatiles, low Ash, Low Sulphur, Low Phosphorus content resulting in High Carbon content suitable for use as a reductant agent or carbon addictive in the steel alloy making process.

Typical values are 15% Ash, 4% Volatiles, 0.8% Total Sulphur and 80% Fixed Carbon.

Generally the Metallurgical industry consumes the product and get benefit from the consistent quality produced from Maloma. Current customers in the database include, Samancor Chrome, Richards Bay Titanium, Bright Alloys. Potential offtakers are Glencore Limited.

What makes us different

We cater to a niche market

Niche market due to characteristics of The anthracite coal we produce is a low ash, low volatiles and high carbon content coal. It is primarily used in the steel and metallurgical industries.

Safety is our priority

We comply with national and international mining standards. We have achieved over 1.2 million fatality-free production shifts to date. We are incredibly proud of this record and are the only operational mine in Eswatini to achieve it.

We control our entire value chain

Our mining operations take place against the backdrop of a complex and disturbed geological area, requiring specialist geologists to support our operations. We maximise stakeholder returns using safe, sustainable mining practices and our run of mine (ROM) is made into clean, graded and consistent coal products suitable for market.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Policy Statement

 Maloma Colliery is in the Southern Lubombo Region of Eswatini with its focus in Anthracite Coal Mining. The operations are coal exploration, mining, coal processing, transportation and selling to various international customers. Top Management of the company has made a commitment to comply with SHEQ international standards in line with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 as well as all legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribe to. The company also commits to the following:

Identifying our customer’s needs, risks, expectations, and impacts related to our operations and establish management plans to satisfy our customer, mitigate our risks and impacts in a systematic manner. 

 Adopting Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management systems as a way of life, and continually improve our management system for suitability, relevancy, and adequacy as we thrive towards meeting growing demand of anthracite coal. 

Establish SHEQ objectives, targets and continually reviewing them for suitability, relevancy, and adequacy to meet customer requirements, mitigating risks and impacts and prevention of pollution related to the Mining industry. 

Actively training and facilitating the involvement of all our employees in the continuous improvement of SHEQ standards within the organization.

Collaborating with our internal and external suppliers including interested parties to ensure that they support us in meeting our SHEQ objectives and targets including compliance to legal and other requirements. 

Using our SHEQ Management Systems to enhance our performance and reduce production costs by reducing wastage, preventable failures, re-work, and reducing risks and impacts which end up accumulating cost due to compensation claims. 

To continuously communicate and avail our SHEQ Policy to all our employees, interested and affected parties 

Our Products

All products are based on high grade anthracite

  • Sizes range from 00mm to 45mm and we produce five different saleable products:
  • Sizeable: comprising of small nuts and peas
  • Fines: comprising of duff and breeze
  • Ultra Fines: comprising of spiral product



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